Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drug Roundup Leads To TennCare Fraud Charges

The undercover investigation in Monterey that led to 30 indictments against people for selling illegal prescription drugs has also now led to TennCare fraud charges against two of the suspects, who allegedly used the program to obtain their drugs. 33-year-old Matthew Redden and 26-year-old Joshua M. Warden were among the people picked up last week. Redden is accused of using TennCare to pay for a prescription of Suboxone, a drug used to treat morphine and heroin addiction, and selling a portion of the pills to an undercover officer. Warden is accused of using TennCare to pay for prescriptions of the painkillers endocet and oxycodone, and selling a portion to an undercover agent. Authorities say the suspects arrested in the drug roundup range from 20 years old to 51 years of age. Almost all of them are from Monterey.