Friday, March 12, 2010

FCC Fines Tennessee Tech Radio Station

Tennessee Tech University's campus radio station is among three across the country that have been fined $1,500 by the Federal Communications Commission for failing to renew their broadcast license in a timely fashion. In their "Daily Digest," the FCC says the renewal application for the Station’s license term was due on April 1, 2004, four months prior to the August 1, 2004, expiration date. They say the radio station did not file the application until June 30, 2004, and provided no explanation for the untimely filing of the renewal application until contacted by the agency in March of 2007, when representatives of the station explained that their failure to timely file the renewal application was unintentional and based on a misunderstanding. They say the station's radio engineer "had a background as a ham radio operator" and as such, incorrectly believed that the Station’s license renewal application filing deadline was 30 days before the license expired. But the Commission held that violations resulting from inadvertent error or failure to become familiar with the FCC's requirements are still willful violations.