Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Landlord Accuses Renter of Vandalism

"The house was a garbage dump." That's how Putnam County sheriff's deputy Bobby Lane described a mobile home on Dixon Lane that had been vandalized this week. The owner says a former renter not only trashed the place, but also removed some items that were supposed to stay with the trailer. Lane says there were numerous bags of trash inside the home and the walls had been spray-painted, the cabinets torn up and the screens damaged. But he says the owner may have to follow up with a civil, rather than a criminal complaint. In other cases, a satellite receiver and a laptop computer were stolen from a home on Gainesboro Grade this week, according to the Putnam County sheriff's office. The victim says that someone broke out a window in the front door to gaine entry. Meanwhile, the sheriff's department is investigating a case in which a woman who allowed her cousin to stay with her became a victim of thievery from that cousin. The woman says she woke up one day this week to find that her cousin was gone from the house -- as was her Xbox 360 Chrome Edition and the controller. A wireless remote and a videogame were also taken.