Monday, March 15, 2010

Lightning Strike Does Substantial Damage

A substantial insurance claim could be coming from a resident of Overstreet Drive, east of Cookeville, who says a lightning strike, damaged a tree, his driveway, two cars, and his home. The sheriff's department says it happened during a storm on Friday morning at the home of Tom Shoemake. A witness reported seeing lightning strike a tree in the yard. The bolt then appeared to travel through the root system of the tree into the concrete, and when it hit the driveway, a big chunk of concrete popped up and hit a car. The sheriff's report says the vehicle had extensive damage, including three flat tires. From the driveway, the lightning traveled into the carport, where it it blew out a concrete boulder, which hit the ceiling of the carport, then came back down in the back window of another vehicle. The lightning then traveled into the electric service of the residence, blowing the door bell off the door. It also made a ditch in the yard and damaged the siding and gutter system. But, in spite of all the property damage, authorities say no one was injured.