Friday, March 12, 2010

Local Company Recognized For Green Energy

A Putnam County company is being featured on a website promoting the Tennessee Valley Authority’s distributed generation program of small-scale renewable energy systems. The web site quotes Richard Grogan of Total Quality Instrumentation, a renewable energy sales and installation company in the Cookeville area whose 44-kilowatt solar array pushed the "Generation Partners" program past one megawatt in capacity. Grogan says, "The incentives make the project viable." The installation at Total Quality’s 10,000 square-foot building comprises 220 solar panels along with a 34 foot tall wind turbine. The system has provided the building’s entire electricity requirement, along with a small surplus. Grogan says his company just started in environmental installations late last year, but they have done four windmills and two solar systems thus far. Their next install is expected to be a 44-kilowatt system in Nashville on an airport hangar.