Monday, March 1, 2010

Mobile Meth Lab Found At Dumpster Site

The Putnam County sheriff's department is investigating a case which began when an employee of a local waste collection center wondered why someone had thrown away a nice gym bag. When he opened the bag, he found out why. Police say it contained what they described as a mobile meth lab -- two Mason jars, some tubing, a funnel and a strainer. Authorities shut down the dump site on Dacco Quarry Road until they had a chance to clean up the toxic mixture. They say the mobile labs are becoming more and more common in the area. Meanwhile, in a separate case, Cookeville police have charged a woman with possession of drug paraphernalia after they allegedly found three hypodermic needles in her purse. Police say 26-year-old Tabitha E. Wilson of Huddleston Drive allegedly admitted that those needles were used for shooting up Dilaudid. They say she also had other outstanding warrants for her arrest.