Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Putnam School Officials Making Contingency Plans

The anticipated delay in the scheduled opening of new elementary and middle schools in south Cookeville has led local school officials to make contingency plans. Dr. Kathleen Airhart says that Kindergarten registration for all schools will be held on April 27th, and says that Kindergarten parents will complete the paperwork at the school to which their children are zoned. But she says that Prescott South Kindergarten parents will complete paperwork at the Central Office. And K-4 students who will end up at Prescott South will be housed temporarily with their assigned class and teacher at various locations throughout the system to be determined at a later date. Airhart says children will not change teachers or classmates with the move. The only factor that will change will be the location of the classroom. Prescott South Middle School Students in grades 5 through 8 will be housed in the early part of the next school right where they are now -- at the current Prescott Central Middle School. Dr. Airhart says, "We have every expectation that children will be located to the new Prescott Schools as early as September - but no later than fall break."