Thursday, March 25, 2010

Several Pounds Of Marijuana Found In SUV

An April 19th court date has been set for a Cookeville man, charged with possessing more than ten pounds of marijuana for re-sale. The Cookeville police department's Community Nuisance Eradication Team, or C-NET, began an investigation after receiving information that a large amount of drugs could be found in a vehicle parked on Mississippi Avenue. It had apparently been left there because it overheated, but police identified the owner as 29-year-old Kenneth Lee White of Benton Young Road, and -- although he denied them permission to search the vehicle -- they obtained a search warrant based on the fact that drug dogs had "indicated" on the back of the SUV. Police claim that they found thirteen pounds of marijuana in a duffel bag in the back, and also allegedly found a pill bottle containing eight percocet pills and 68 oxycodone pills.