Thursday, March 4, 2010

TTU To Consider Personnel Reductions

As students around the country plan protests and marches to speak out about funding cuts on public college campuses today, Tennessee Tech University marked the day with an open forum to discuss the budget situation here. TTU President Bob Bell was invited by the American Association of University Professors campus chapter to participate in a question-and-answer meeting about the budget situation this spring. Bell offered, and the AAUP agreed, to open the session to the entire campus. The campus is preparing for at least another 6 percent reduction and most likely more as the legislature debates Gov. Phil Bredesen’s proposed budget. The 6 percent cut recommended by Bredesen would result in total state appropriation reductions of more than 30 percent since 2008. Bell told the forum quote, "Campus units must consider how to make reductions while continuing to operate effectively. And for some units, that may include eliminating some personnel." However, officials say no plan has been developed at this point, and nothing has been approved yet as to just how those personnel cuts will be made. Reduction scenarios are being considered and discussed in the university’s joint Strategic Planning and Budget Committee, the Executive Advisory Committee and the Academic Affairs councils. If and when a plan for any reduction in force is developed, any affected personnel will be notified directly, Bell said.