Monday, April 19, 2010

Changes To County Landfill To Be Discussed

A meeting of the Putnam County Solid Waste Committee has been scheduled on Monday, May 26th, for the purpose of talking about whether or not to put dumpsters and a trash compactor back on site at the county landfill. Commissioner Mike Medley has asked the county to do so, saying most of the residents in the area who, in his words, "have put up with the county's trash for years," want the convenience of taking their own trash to the landfill, rather than driving up to the waste collection site near the Ditty community. Department director Keith Street says the dumpsters were moved out a few months ago to make way for the opening of another part of the landfill, which handles mostly construction waste. He says putting in a dumpster would not be a problem, but adding a compactor would cost money that he does not currently have in his budget.