Friday, April 30, 2010

Cookeville K-9 Officer Receives Extra Training

A Cookeville police officer and his K-9 partner have been in upstate New York this week, training with other police dogs. The sessions wrapped up last night at Allegany State Park in Olean, New York. The Olean Times-Herald reported:

Mike Herrick of the Cookeville Police Department in Tennessee was at the seminar for the first time, learning to train his 3-year-old K-9 Cletus. The pair had been together for less than six months, and he said he had been looking forward to bringing Cletus to the seminar to learn more about proper technique.The pair had just finished an exercise where five people sit in a room and one person leaves, leaving it up to the dog to come in, discover who is missing and find that person.“The first day and a half we were learning about basic scent and how dogs smell they way they do and whatnot,” Mr. Herrick explained. “The last couple days we have been working on the terrain either in the woods or out in Bradford for different surface and contamination and just running the different types of trail.”