Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Craigslist Scam Reported To Sheriff's Office

The Putnam County sheriff's department is warning local residents of a newly reported Internet scam. Detective Jimmy Patterson says a couple in the process of selling their home found out recently that the house had been put up on Craiglist as being "for rent." They notified their realtor and also sent an e-mail to Craigslist. Still, the victims say the realtor has gotten at least one inquiry from the falsified Craigslist posting, which has since been taken down. They also say their mother answered the ad, posing as a potential renter and got an e-mail in reply that appeared to be in the format of known scams from other countries. Patterson says this particular reply originated in an African nation, and officials say it's yet further proof that you need to be careful when doing anything online.