Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Quarter Campaign Finance Reports Filed

Campaign finance reports filed this week show that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent by candidates seeking public office in Putnam County. The biggest spenders were in the races for Trustee and Road Supervisor, where a total of eleven candidates are seeking the two offices. In the Trustee's race, both Freddie Nelson and Greg Rector report having spent more than $25,000 in the first quarter of the year, while Mark Rippetoe had expenditures of more than $13,000 and Danny Holmes spent nearly $6,000. Meanwhile, Trustee candidates William Maynord and Jimmy D. Stanton have spent less than a thousand dollars. And Republican Michael D. Lane, who is running without opposition in the primary, reported spending just over $46. In the Road Supervisor's race, the largest expenditures have come from Larry "Buck" Huddleston, who reported campaign expenses in the first quarter at more than $21,000. Randy Jones spent $12,700, while Ronnie Herren and Terry Lamb have each spent less than ten thousand. In the race for county clerk, both Wayne Nabors and Keith Marie (Lewis) Farley reported spending just over $13,000 apiece. In the sheriff's race, David Andrews reports spending $13,480 while his opponent, Greg Cooper, reported $8,084. And in the county executive's campaign, Kim Blaylock reported spending just under $5,000, with more than $10,000 on hand for the final month of the campaign, while Dennis Tennant reported expenditures of $9,346 with just under $8,000 on hand.