Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Police Claim Shoplifter Gave False ID

A charge of criminal impersonation has been added to the theft of property charge already pending against an alleged shoplifter at the Sears store on West Jackson Street. Cookeville police say they responded to a shoplifting call Monday night and learned that one of the suspects had already fled the scene. But store officials were detaining a white female who had been found with two Craftsmen tool sets in her purse. The woman told police that she didn't have any ID, but that her name was Vanessa Michelle Williams. After she was arrested and was being taken to jail, the woman reportedly admitted that she had lied about who she was. She told officers her real name was Stephanie Toi Williams, a 32-year-old Monterey woman. Meanwhile, officer Lester Langford also developed 34-year-old Michael Jack Carlson of Monterey as the man suspected of fleeing the scene with another tool set and eight video games stolen from Sears. He arranged a photo line-up and a store employee picked Carlson out of that line-up. Langford says he then signed a theft warrant on Mr. Carlson as well.