Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sentence Handed Down In Child Neglect Case

A Cookeville woman has agreed to a ten-year jail sentence in an aggravated child neglect case. Authorities say 21-year-old Ella Rose Marie Amish is the mother of a then three-month old child, who was admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital back in November of 2008 after being found with a broken leg and injuries to his rectum. Police later said those injuries were not sexual in nature, but had apparently been caused when Amish's boyfriend attempted to treat anal fissures on the child with hydrogen peroxide. The boyfriend, 24-year-old Richard Holman, has already been given a 20-year sentence after pleading guilty to aggravated child abuse. Amish, who has been in jail for the past year and a half, was given ten years when she agreed to plead guilty to facilitation of that abuse. She'll be eligible for parole after serving 30 percent of the sentence -- or just over three years.