Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warning Fails To Keep Alleged Trespassers Away

Two Putnam County men have been charged with criminal trespassing after allegedly being told by law enforcement to stay away from a local business. Deputy Bo Sherrell says he was dispatched to the Bloomington Springs Post Office on a report that two males were trying to break in. Those two were identified as 25-year-old Eric Lee Ferrell of Cookeville and 25-year-old Lance Adam Brown of Baxter. Sherrell says the postmaster found no damage to the building and decided against pressing charges, but said that she wanted both of them to leave the property. According to Sherrell's report, the owner of Wildwood Market had also told the two not to be on their property, so the deputy told them not to go back to either place. But he says a few minutes later, as he was talking to the owner of the market, he saw the two come walking into the parking lot, saying they wanted to buy some cigarettes. That's when they were placed under arrest of trespassing.