Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Commission To Appoint Interim Road Supervisor

The Putnam County commission is expected to go into recess next Monday so that all of the legal notifications can be met concerning their appointment of a temporary road supervisor to fill out the unexpired term of Billy Joe "Red" Lamb, who passed away earlier this year. In discussing the issue this week, members of the county nominating committee said that they did not want to appear to be endorsing any particular candidate for the job. Randy Jones won the Democratic nomination for the post last week and Harvey Summers is running as an independent candidate against Jones in August. Some committee members suggested appointing Jones, while others said that assistant superintendent and former candidate Terry Lamb would be the better choice. They also pointed out that nominations can by made from the floor and that anyone nominated would then have to be voted on by the full commission -- in much the same way that members of the Fair Board are voted on. Whoever is appointed would serve until a new road supervisor takes office on September 1st.