Sunday, May 16, 2010

County Commission To Consider Spending Freeze

The Putnam County commission meets Monday evening to consider a number of issues, including a recommendation that the county freeze all expenditures other than those necessary for daily operations, necessary projects and the completion of grant funds for the County General Fund and the Solid Waste Fund. That recommendation comes from the Fiscal Review Committee, at the request of County Executive Kim Blaylock, who says that revenues are not coming in to the county at the rate that was budgeted. Meanwhile, the commission will consider the purchase of software for the Juvenile-Circuit Court system from Tyler Technologies. The total cost of that software package would be $446,260, with funding coming from the Juvenile Court budget, the capital projects fund and the Debt Service Fund. In other words, the county would be borrowing the money to pay for the software. And the commission will also be considering the appointment of an interim road supervisor, although the final decision on that matter may not be made tonight because of the requirements of having the appointment advertised at least seven days in advance.