Monday, May 10, 2010

County Considers Ban On Political Signs

Putnam County's Land and Facilities committee will be reviewing whether or not political campaign signs should be allowed on county property and, if so, under what circumstances. The committee is expected to report back with a recommendation next month. 911 Director Randy Porter addressed county commissioners Monday night, saying that the signs had become something of a safety issue along County Services Drive, where -- at one point -- more than one hundred of them dotted the side of that private drive which leads to the ambulance service, health department, and election commission. But Porter says he didn't think he had the authority to tell candidates that they could not put up their signs. He says that decision should come from the county commission because the driveway is, effectively, county property. County attorney Jeff Jones says it's a classic case of trying to balance governmental interests with free speech rights, but says the safety issue would probably be an overriding factor.