Sunday, May 2, 2010

Court Date Set For Prescription Fraud Suspect

A May 17th court date has been set for a Cookeville woman accused of presenting an altered prescription for pain pills at a local drug store. Authorities say Kimberly Marie Hunter of Buffalo Valley Road was arrested after an investigation at the Walgreens pharmacy. According to police reports, an employee told Officer Brian Long that a prescription for hydrocodone pills had been dropped off at the drive-through and that it "looked suspicious" because the number of pills indicated on the prescription pad "was written with a darker colored ink than the rest of the prescription writing." The store checked with the dentist who had written the prescription and found out that it was supposed to be for 12 pills and not the 22 indicated on the scrip. When Hunter came to get the medicine, she was questioned and allegedly said she did not change the prescription, but had "spilled some water on it."