Monday, May 10, 2010

Felony Theft Charge Brought In Shoplifting Case

Shoplifting is usually a misdemeanor crime, but a Sparta man is facing felony theft charges after allegedly stealing two GPS devices from the Kohl's department store. Police say the felony charge was brought because the merchandise was worth more than $500. Authorities say they arrested 33-year-old Emerson Lee Luna after questioning the driver of a vehicle that had dropped him off at the store. Luna was captured a few minutes later in the parking lot of Jackson Plaza. Police claim that he had the two GPS units in his pockets, with the mounts for the devices hidden in the waistband of his clothes. They also say Luna had three outstanding warrants pending in Putnam County and one in Williamson County. The recovered merchandise was returned to the store. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, police say 34-year-old Michael Jack Carlson of Monterey was charged with theft after he allegedly shoplifted several video games and tools from the Sears department store last week.