Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fincher Votes In Favor Of Health Reform Bill

State Representative Henry Fincher of Cookeville says a bill he co-sponsored with Republican Representative Jon Lundberg of Kingsport, concerning health care insurance, has now passed in the state House on a unanimous vote. It mandates that anyone who is denied a health insurance claim has the right to have that claim reviewed by a unbiased panel, which would be independent of the health insurance company. Fincher says there are also specific deadlines contained within the law to get that process expedited. The State Senate is expected to vote on the bill Monday night. Meanwhile, Fincher was quoted in several publications around the state earlier this month when he spoke in favor of the so-called "Guns In Bars" bill. This quote was taken from Nashville Public Radio:

“When we draw imaginary lines on the ground and say, we trust you here, Handgun Carry Permit Carrier, but we don’t trust you there, Handgun Carry Permit Holder, we are doing nothing but creating a pleasing fiction. Gun-free zones are a fiction, Mr. Speaker. Columbine High School was a gun-free zone.”

You can see the full report here.