Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magazine Swindle Prevented At Walmart

A Cookeville man has been cited for shoplifting at Walmart -- even though he "paid" for some magazines he had purchased. The problem, police say, is that the man -- identified as 41-year-old Barry Robert Hamlet of Jere Whitson Road -- changed the bar code on those magazines so he could get them at a cheaper price. Walmart security officers claim they watched as Hamlet took six magazines from a rack at the store and proceeded to the school supply area. Three of the magazines sold for $1.75 apiece; the other three were priced at nearly $5 apiece. Authorities claim that Hamlet removed the price code from the inexpensive magazines and used a glue stick from the school supply area to attach those inexpensive codes to the more expensive magazines. He left behind the cheaper magazines -- without their price codes on them -- and went through the self-checkout "paying" just over five dollars for what amounted to more than fifteen dollars worth of reading material. He was stopped as he walked out of the store and allegedly admitted to the scheme. Officer Brian Long gave him a citation for shoplifting.