Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Man Admits To Stealing Car To Support Drug Habit

A Putnam County man will be in court tomorrow on charges of stealing a car and several other items out of a home on Salem Road. Police say the victim came home on Monday morning to find that a 1990 Buick LeSabre had been stolen, along with his 32-inch LCD television, a laptop computer, a GPS system and a Craftsman box set of hand tools. Then, early Tuesday morning, Officer Jimmy Blankenship noticed the stolen vehicle at the T-Mart on North Willow Avenue. After confirming that it was the same car stolen from Salem Road, Blankenship and other officers conducted a "felony stop" on the vehicle and found the driver to be 29-year-old Micheal Jason Holloway, also of Salem Road. Police had already taken warrants out on Holloway after he was developed as a suspect in the case. Police say a pat down search turned up a crack pipe concealed in Holloway's boot. He allegedly gave authorities a written statement admitting that he had stolen the items from his neighbor in order to sell them to support his crack habit.