Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outburst Leads To Vandalism Charges

A Cookeville man, who allegedly got upset when told how much money he owed to the court system, is now facing charges of vandalism and disorderly conduct. Deputy Stephanie Cantwell says that she was the Circuit Court Clerk's office on Wednesday she heard a loud boom. She says that she and several of the employees looked around to see what it was and were told by one of the clerks that a disgruntled customer had slammed open the door as he left. According to Cantwell's report, that caused damage to the drywall behind the door. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was 20-year-old Damon Juan Sherrer who allegedly became upset when he learned that he owed nearly $3,000 in unpaid fines for driving on a suspended license. Cantwell then took out warrants against him. Sherrer reportedly contacted her, asking how to "take care of the problem," and was told that he needed to go to court to take care of things.