Sunday, May 9, 2010

Placement Of Political Signs To Be Addressed

The primary election is over, but at least one member of the Putnam County commission now wants to talk about how and where signs for political candidates are allowed. The city of Cookeville has an ordinance relating to sign placement, but the county has no zoning, and officials say they got several questions and some complaints about the placement of signs for various candidates -- including those that were placed on the private driveway leading to the Election Commission office. Although that road is technically inside the city limits, it is not a public road and may, therefore, be exempt from the city's regulation. On Monday night, the planning committee of the Putnam County commission is scheduled to hear a presentation about political signs on county property. The apparent issue will be whether a law that allow political signs along the right of way of a road would still apply if that road is private -- not public.