Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Police Warn Of Middle Of The Night Phone Scam

Cookeville police are warning local residents about a phone scam that appears to be making the rounds, sometimes involving late night calls. In several cases reported to police in recent days, the victims say they get a call in the middle of the night from someone who claims that the person's bank ATM card has been somehow de-activated. They are asked to press 1 on their phone if they want to "re-activate" the card and then are asked for more information, such as their account number and the PIN number of their card. One victim reported that the initial call came from what sounded like an automated device and appeared to originate in Sacramento, California. But police Lt. Carl Sells warns against ever giving out your personal information, especially over the phone in the middle of the night. He says the phone calls are simply an attempt by thieves to trick people into revealing information that should be kept private. Police say anyone with questions about their ATM card should contact their bank directly, and should do what one potential victim did -- hang up on any unsolicited caller.