Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Road Supervisors Position To Be Discussed

The nominating committee of the Putnam County commission will be meeting Thursday evening in the conference room of the county executive's office. Chairman Gene Mullins says the purpose of the meeting is to "further discuss nominations for road supervisor." Earlier this week, the county commission deferred a decision on the appointment of an interim road supervisor. Long-time department head Billy "Red" Lamb passed away in February, and even though there is an election in August, by state law, the commission has 120 days -- or until June -- to fill that position on an interim basis. The agenda for this week's meeting had both Randy Jones, who earned the Democratic nomination during the May 4 primary, and Terry Lamb, Red's brother and the current assistant road supervisor, recommended for the position. The meeting of the nominating committee gets underway at 6 pm.