Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Candidates Considering Write-In Races

Some of the candidates who lost in last week's Putnam County primary may be considering another run for their offices ... as a write-in candidate. More than half a dozen candidates, both winners and losers, showed up Wednesday as the Putnam County Election Commission met to certify the results of last week's elections. Many of those in attendance had questions about who had received write-in votes, but election officials say state law prohibits the counting of such votes unless the person receiving them has filed papers to run as a certified write-in candidate. In the May election, no one did that, so any votes for Donald Duck or Homer Simpson did not count, but neither did other write-ins for real people who were on the ballot elsewhere. For example, people voting in the Republican primary could not write in a vote for someone who was running for nomination as a Democrat and have it count toward the Democratic nomination. Officials say the state legislature passed the regulations on write-in votes some years ago, in part to keep people from being elected to an office they didn't want. Those wishing to mount a write-in campaign for the August election must file papers with the election office at least 50 days before that election. That deadline would be at noon on June 16th.