Monday, May 10, 2010

Spending Freeze Suggested For Putnam County

Putnam County executive Kim Blaylock told members of the county commission Monday night that she is a bit concerned about the revenues that have come in so far this fiscal year. She says that the county is now more than three quarters of the way through the year and, ideally, should have collected about 75 percent of projected revenues at this point. But, she says, in many cases, the revenues are at 50 percent or less of projections. And she says the situation is complicated somewhat by the fact that while a ten percent increase in the cost of county employee health insurance was budgeted for, the actual increase ended up being fifteen percent. Blaylock suggested, and the county's fiscal review committee recommended, that all non-essential expenditures be frozen through June 30th. According to Blaylock, if a county department has been able to do without something for the past ten months, they should be able to go another seven weeks without it. The full county commission will vote on the issue next week.