Sunday, May 23, 2010

TTU May Have Senior Citizen On Its Squad This Fall

A 75-year-old man may be playing basketball for the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles this fall -- if the NCAA decides he is eligible. Tech coach Mike Sutton says that Ken Mink has an open invitation to participate as a walk-on player -- in part because Mink played in seven games for the Roane State Community College team two years ago. The NCAA says Mink is not eligible to play because all players are given four years of eligibility which must be completed in a five-year time span. They say Mink is ineligible because he first played college basketball back in 1955. But Sutton and Tennessee Tech are appealing to the NCAA to grant a waiver in Mink’s case. Mink is also talking to the U.S. Justice Department’s education division about the legality of a rule that he says is retroactively blocking the continuation of his college basketball career.