Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Facing Charges Of Possessing Crack Cocaine

Cookeville police say two men have been charged with drug possession in two separate cases -- and both times the suspects tried to toss away the drugs before being arrested. In one case, Officer Brandon Tayes alleges that he was in plain clothes when 30-year-old Kelvin Quintell Bell of Rock Island recognized him as a police officer and tossed a baggie into a car. Tayes recovered that bag and claims that it contained crack cocaine. That incident happened on West 3rd Street. The other case was also reported on West 3rd Street -- on the same day. Detective Chase Mathis arrested 22-year-old Joe Allen Willingham of Carthage after he observed Willingham discarding a bag as the detective approached a group of men. Allegedly, the bag contained about three grams of a "white rock-type substance believed to be crack cocaine."