Monday, June 14, 2010

Police Issue Drug Citations To Bonaroonies

Cookeville police issued drug possession citations to more than half a dozen people headed to the Bonaroo music festival over the weekend. Officer Chris Melton says he was travelling on Highway 111 when he noticed five vehicles that "only had about five feet between them." He also says they were doing 64 miles an hour in a 55 mile zone. He stopped all of the cars, warned the drivers about speeding and following too closely ... and then obtained permission to search the vehicles. That search turned up various amounts of marijuana, and Melton issued citations to six people from Maryland or Virginia. Meanwhile, Melton says on that same day, on the same highway, two more people -- this time from New York -- were issued drug citations, in a separate traffic stop, after a police K-9 unit reacted to their vehicle. One of those who was issued a citation initially refused consent to be searched, hoping, she said, that "your dog was not trained very good."