Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cookeville Woman Falls For Internet Scam

Cookeville police say a local resident has been cheated out of $2,000 after she responded to a request on the Internet. The 52-year-old victim told police on Tuesday that she had met a man on the Internet, who claimed to be stranded in Africa. The report doesn't specify whether the interaction came through e-mail, instant messaging or some other contact, but the woman told police that she later received a check through the U.S. mail in the amount of $4,800. She says that she deposited the check into her account and then sent $2,000 by Western Union money order to someone identified as Babatunde Lawal in the town of Lagos, Nigeria. The woman says that she was supposed to receive $500 for conducting the transaction, and says that she had, in fact, purchased another money order before discovering that the check was fake and that the whole thing was a scam.