Thursday, June 17, 2010

Council Approves Negotation For 7th St. Property

The Cookeville city council Thursday night gave authorization to City Manager Jim Shipley to begin negotiations for the purchase of several pieces of property along 7th Street, which officials say may be needed for a street widening project and for the acquisition of additional parking for Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The authorization also includes permission to begin eminent domain proceedings if the negotiations fail. Hospital CEO Bernie Mattingly says they have tried to purchase the property, but could not come to an agreement. However, the owner of several parcels told the council that she had not been approached in recent years. Meanwhile, a local resident who rents one of the homes on the property urged the council to consider the possibility of lost revenue if she is forced to move. Mayor Sam Sallee said he hopes the two sides can reach a negotiated price, but says the project is what he called "a growing pain." Meanwhile, the council approved the appointment of Dr. Jeff Gleason to the board of trustees of the hospital for a seven year term.