Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drunk Driving Of Four Wheelers Alleged

The Putnam County sheriff's department says DUI charges are pending against two individuals who were allegedly drunk as they drove a four-wheeler down several roads in the western part of the county. Deputy Jamie Hunter was dispatched to Hopewell Road over the weekend on a report of someone passed out on a four wheeler in the roadway. She says that she made contact with the four wheeler on Highway 96 and says a male passenger motioned for her to go around. When Hunter activated the patrol car's emergency lights, she says that she heard the four wheeler start and saw the front end come off the road. Hunter says a woman was driving at the time and after pursuing the four wheeler for about a mile, that driver appeared to be slowing down when the male passenger knocked her hands off the handle bars and took over the driving. He drove for another mile before finally pulling over. The two were identified as 41-year-old Kellie Snow of Buffalo Valley and 31-year-old Brian Scott Nixon of Hickman, Tennessee. They'll be in court on July 12th. Meanwhile, the sheriff's department is also investigating a case in which a man on Burgess Falls Road is accused of driving his four wheeler while drunk. That man, according to his neighbor, does not have a license because of eight previous DUI convictions.