Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fraud Cases Investigated By Cookeville Police

At least two cases of fraud are under investigation today by the Cookeville police department, and video evidence may help authorities solve at least one of them. Officials with Potters Builders tell police that someone had charged more than $1,500 worth of building materials to an account belonging to a local man, who later claimed that he never purchased or authorized the purchase of the material. The suspect had purchased items at the store on at least two occasions in late May and also made a purchase from the Potters store in Algood. Authorities say that Algood incident may have provided them with a video the suspect taken by cameras at the nearby Sonic restaurant. Meanwhile, police say they have recovered a $20,000 rollback wrecker that had been reported stolen in Crossville. They came across the vehicle when a man reported that he had sold his truck to someone who had paid him with a fake check. The con man told the victim that he should drive the roll back wrecker to Knoxville to pick up another check, but the man went to police instead where it was confirmed that the wrecker was stolen.