Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Identity Theft Case Being Investigated

Cookeville police say a local resident has reported a case of identity theft in which someone got hold of his social security number and used his identity to open up an account with Charter Communications in St. Louis, Missouri. The victim told police that he was unaware of the activity until he got a collection letter from Charter, claiming that he owed more than a thousand dollars. He says he contacted Charter to let them know that he didn't open any account with them, and was advised to file a police report. The company is also reportedly looking into the matter through their fraud division. Meanwhile, in a separate case, police say an employee of the Dollar General store on S. Jefferson Ave. told them that her purse had been stolen from a locker room area in the store. The purse contained a social security card, checkbook and debit card. But whoever stole the purse left behind the victim's keys and cell phone.