Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself

An off-duty officer for the McMinnville Police Department is recovering from an accidental gunshot wound he suffered while getting ready to go to work this week. 36-year-old Brian Emery, who lives in Putnam County but works in McMinnville, showed up at the emergency room of Cookeville Regional Medical Center, Tuesday afternoon with a gunshot wound to his finger. Putnam County sheriff's deputy Scott Stockton says that Emery told him that he was putting his gear in a bag and picked up his duty weapon -- which he had placed in an off-duty holster. Emery said there was also a belt-keeper that was stuck in the holster that he thought would simply fall out. But it didn't. Instead, when he went to put the gun in the bag, the belt keeper snagged and caused the gun to go off. The bullet struck Emery on a finger of his left hand and then lodged in the floor of his home. Stockton said the wound was "small" and "superficial."