Monday, June 14, 2010

Property Assessor To Hire New Employee

Putnam County Property Assessor Rhonda Chaffin is asking the county commission to approve the hiring of a new employee, who would help her office conduct the state-mandated re-appraisal of all the property in the county next year. Chaffin told the county's fiscal review committee Monday night that she gave up an employee last year because of the tight budget situation, and she says that she's been short-handed ever since. She also said that she had nearly 3,000 new pieces of property to appraise that weren't on the tax rolls in last re-appraisal year of 2006. The new worker would help coordinate all of the work that will be required by the state and is expected to be on the job as of July 1st. The fiscal review committee recommended the hire Monday night, but it must still be approved by the full county commission.