Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Change Scam Costs Cookeville Business

Cookeville police say a local business has been scammed out of $140 by a man who pulled what is described as a "quick change scam" on the cashier. Police say it happened at the Baskin Robbins ice cream store on S. Jefferson Ave. when a man came in, ordered a single scoop cone and paid for it with a five dollar bill. The suspect then told the clerk that he had, in fact, paid with a twenty -- not a five. And the clerk says he also confused her by asking for some of his change in quarters. She says a female accomplice was also talking at the same time to one of the other employees of the store. The two left in an older model Ford pickup, possibly with an Illinois registration, and when the clerk counted down the register, she found that it came up $140 short. Authorities say such scams crop up every few months around the area, usually conducted by someone who talks quickly and keeps asking for different denominations of change.