Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Residence Quarantined After Police Find Meth

A mobile home being rented in a trailer park on Sliger Road has been locked and quarantined after Cookeville police report finding the makings of methamphetamine during a search there Monday. Officer Brian Long, who is the designated meth officer for the police department, reports that a search of the trailer and surrounding area turned up several ingredients commonly used in the manufacture of meth -- including coffee filters, tubing, cold tablets and the fertilizer ammonium nitrate. Four people were charged in the case, identified by police as Cynthia Ann Terrell, Anthony Nelson, Christa Gail Robbins and Allen McBride. Long says he also plans to charge a fifth suspect in the case -- even though that man did not have any drugs on him. He says the man had purchased more than 22 grams of ephedrine across the state last month and says that possession of just nine grams is a felony. The Register of Deeds office and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation were notified of the quarantined trailer, while the owner of the property was given a list of what are known as "construction haz-mat hygienists."