Monday, June 7, 2010

Vehicle Theft Charges Filed Against Lake City Man

A man from Lake City, Tennessee, who was involved in a traffic accident in Monterey last week, is today facing charges of stealing a truck in Cookeville. Police say the case began when someone noticed a young man in a neck brace outside a residence near 6th Street and Peachtree Avenue. He asked the man if he was OK, and the man reportedly told him that he had just been kicked out of the emergency room and needed money. When that request was declined, the man began to walk away and was observed just moments later walking onto the grounds of the Kappa Sigma house where he allegedly got into a black truck and drove recklessly through the property, destroying a volleyball net in the process. The owner of the truck later told police that no one had permission to drive it, and the suspect was later identified as 21-year-old Steven A. Seiber. Police say he had given false information to officials at the hospital, possibly in an attempt to conceal his identity. They say a witness was able to positively identify him through a driver's license photo.