Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animal Hoarding Case Under Investigation

The Putnam County sheriff's department continues to get calls about a local woman, who reportedly has more than 50 dogs and cats living with her in a trailer off the Gainesboro Grade. Deputy Josh Reams was dispatched to the home on Monday after someone complained of an odor coming from the residence. He says he observed several animals locked inside, but says that the windows were open with what appeared to be fencing nailed to the outside of the trailer. He made contact with the woman there, who said all of the animals belonged to her, although she did not know exactly how many there were. She told Reams that she had already spoken to the county's animal control officer about the situation and said that she was able to feed all of the animals and care for them properly. But officials say they're not so sure of that and have contacted the state Health Department to do a followup investigation.