Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cookeville Man Charged After Road Rage Incident

A Cookeville man is facing charges of aggravated assault in Cumberland County after incident of alleged "road rage." According to the Crossville Chronicle newspaper, a Crossville Police officer on routine patrol witnessed the act of road rage when the driver of a pickup truck swerved toward a motorcycle, causing the cyclist to lose control of the motor bike. 29-year-old Antonio Villegas W. Fourth St., in Cookeville, was charged with aggravated assault and with having no driver's license. Police say Villegas also allegedly told the arresting officer that he was in this country illegally. According to the report, Villegas was traveling on N. Main St. when he swerved toward a motorcycle. When asked why he did so, Villegas allegedly replied that the cyclist "flipped him off and made him mad."