Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cremated Remains Found Among Lost Items

Cookeville police have now gotten the OK to return the cremated remains of a relative to man in Illinois. That after a local woman found the remains among some apparently abandoned property on Dixie Avenue. The woman told police that the box of property included videotapes, books, jewelry and an urn which had come from The Funeral Directors Crematory inf East St. Louis, Illinois. Through that organization, police were able to contact the son of the woman whose remains were contained in that urn. He told police that his sister had been custody of the urn, but that he hadn't heard from her in many years. Officer Ronnie Franklin checked with the residents of the apartment building where the property was found, but none of them claimed it. And an official with the DA's office told Franklin that if the property had not been reported stolen, it was OK to make arrangements to have the remains shipped back to Illinois.