Thursday, July 8, 2010

Local Taxi Driver Scammed Out Of Fare

The Putnam County sheriff's office is investigating what is described as a "theft of services" report. A taxi cab driver from Crossville reported that she had picked up a woman in Cumberland County Wednesday and agreed to drive that woman to a home on Belka Road in Putnam County, which is a short distance from the county line in the Glade Creek area. The cab driver says her passenger told her that she worked at the home and was going to go inside to get a check to pay for the fare. The driver noticed the woman go up onto a deck at the side of the home, but when she later went to check on the woman, she was nowhere to be found and no one answered a knock at the door. The suspect was described as a white female, with a light complexion, a medium build and light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.