Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Several Unusual Theft Cases Under Investigation

Cookeville police are investigating several unusual theft cases today -- including one in which a set of stilts were taken from an apartment on Ellis Avenue. The victim told police that he had been working on a drywall project in the apartment when the stilts were stolen. They were valued at more than three hundred dollars. Meanwhile, a resident of Walnut Avenue told police that an antique, cast-iron "boot scraper," in the shape of a Dachshund, had been stolen from her home. The loss was one hundred dollars in that case. On Broad Street, police say someone broke into a detached garage and made off with a generator, valued at nearly three hundred dollars. And on Hillsdale Drive, a resident told police that someone tried to steal a four hundred pound statue of Jesus that was supposed to be inside a flower bed. During the moving process, they damaged the nose and finger on the statue -- before apparently giving up.