Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vandals Strike At Dogwood Park

Cookeville's newest park, which is still mostly under construction, has been hit by vandals. According to police, sometime over the weekend, someone used red spray paint to draw and write all over a building that was under construction at Dogwood Park, which is located on Broad Street across from city hall. The report, by Officer Lester Langford, says the drawings included a clown's face, a character with a long nose that the vandal had labeled "Pinocho," and what were described as other "vulgar" drawings. Langford says no paint can was located in the immediate area, but detectives have photographed the vandalism and are continuing to investigate. The newest portion of Dogwood Park was started a few years ago when the city agreed to purchase an old shopping center property that was mostly vacant and turn it into a green space.