Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wetlands Mitigation To Be Discussed

The Putnam County commission will apparently be going along with the Cookeville city council in a plan to have a private non-profit group establish a wetland mitigation area that's being mandated by the development of the Highlands Regional Business Park, south of I-40. Cookeville Public Works Director Greg Brown told members of the county's planning committee this week that a pond on the property will have to be drained, and that the city has agreed to allow a group that does wetland mitigation to restore a stream that feeds into that pond and have it feed into Cane Creek instead. The non-profit group will do the work for free, he says, and will recoup their costs by selling what are called "wetland mitigation credits" to developers who need them in the future. County commissioner Gene Mullins made the motion to accept the mitigation plan, but noted that experts at Tennessee Tech have said that the 50 feet of so-called "riparian" area on the banks of the stream should probably be wider.